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This is a quick post to update you guys on what I've been doing in the past month! I was pretty busy with school and assignments. I'm finally able to catch a breather because I'm currently having two weeks of holiday. Well, I have three assignments I have to submit when school starts so it's not exactly all fun and games either. I'm supposed to start on one today but meh. Since I'm not going to do anything (yet), I thought I shall blog! It makes me feel productive... Kind of. 

If you follow my Instagram you would have seen these photos but I thought I would share them here anyway!

Here's a pretty pink rose that T got me as an apology flower for something he did that I don't remember. He rarely gets me flowers out of the blue but that's okay because I have this fear of dead flowers. I don't like the idea of handling or cleaning up dead flowers because I feel like I'm touching a corpse. Does anyone else feel this way too? Or am I just weird.

Miam Miam Cafe at Bugis Junction
MooJaa Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat at Keong Saik Road
I've also been more "participative" in my family's activities recently. My sister likes trying new food so they go out for dinners very often on Mondays when my mom doesn't work. I don't usually join them but those were two occasions I did last month! The food was good at both places but quite pricey in my opinion.

Last Saturday, T and I decided to head into town for a movie date. We haven't been to town for almost a month! We had dinner at Charlie Brown Cafe and then caught the film, Blended. It was alright but quite funny. 

Either I have a small face or he has a huge one. Probably the latter. Oops.
I'm going to regret posting this HAHA
My ulcers got worse while I was out so I could only make faces in photos with him. Also, that's evidence of him ignoring me because his phone was more interesting! Okay, I'm kidding.

That's about it! Of course, these aren't the only things I've done other than school but they are the things I have photos for. 

I'm going to Night Safari with T and my friends on Thursday. I've never been there before so it should be interesting!

Oh, here's a piece of exciting news to end the post. I'm flying over to Phuket, Thailand in September for holiday with T. That's in three months and I can't wait! 


  1. Good time dear! Have a nice holiday.. ;)

  2. Lovely photos :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  3. nice catching up with you.x

  4. cute photo !

  5. Hope you had fun on your movie date. I love your eyes, you're so pretty. I'm now following you on GFC, I'd love it if you could follow me there too? xx

  6. Lovely post !xxKind of in love with your blog!
    Keep in touch xoxo

  7. you're so cute !!
    and the food looks tasty !
    can you make a post about the night safari ?
    because i really want to know what's in there..

  8. omg you make me miss Singapore!!!
    the food looks yummy and the rose you got is so sweet~
    btw, you're really pretty (◕‿◕✿)
    Just wanted to let you know that I have a giveaway, where if you join, you will get a $30 voucher to spend on clothes (≧‿≦)
xx Charmaine

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  9. Gorgeous photos. You look so cute gal...
    Have a great day XOXO
    much love and keep n touch! :)))

  10. sweeeet!!!
    follow to follow?


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