30 September - 1 October | Korea Trip Day One

Here's my long overdue post on my five days trip to Korea last year! So T and I decided to head overseas that holiday to celebrate our first anniversary on 30 Oct. We also needed a break because attachment had just ended. It was my second time out of Singapore (the first was a Malacca trip in primary school) and my first time on an aeroplane. I remember being so excited when I left my house, so nervous on the train to the airport and so scared when I was there. I didn't know what to expect!

Flight (30 Sept)

T came over to my house in the evening with his luggage and waited as I prepared to head out. We arrived at the airport at night and thought we should get supper because we were early. Burger King and McD's, it was! 

My Chicken McGrill looks impressive opposite his little burger HAHA

My OOTD for the flight
I thought I wouldn't fall asleep on the flight but I ended up drifting in and out of conciousness, after a few minutes of trying to watch a movie.

Arriving + Night out at Dongdaemun (1 Oct)

Touched down in Seoul, Korea, and after wandering around the airport for awhile, we took a cab to the Incheon Airport Hotel and checked in. T had planned for us to stay in this hotel first because we would arrive in Seoul way before the check-in time at the main hotel. We washed up here and he slept while I watched TV.

Excuse the mess in the room!
After we rested, it was time to move again. Oh, I forgot to mention how cool and nice the weather was! I was quite amazed at how I could feel the warmth of the sun and yet still shiver at the chilly wind. It was my first time experiencing a weather like that. Wish Singapore had this kind of weather too!

We took the free shuttle service from the hotel to the airport and got on the express train that would take us to Seoul Station, where we will then take a cab to Wangsimni Station. That was where our hotel was located!  

I did not expect him to take the picture 'cause I obviously was still fooling around!!!

My thighs look kinda scary here but I wanted to show you my skin-coloured tights. They don't really look skin-coloured in the photo but that's 'cause of the light from the tinted blue windows. They match my skin quite well in real life. I have two of these and they have different designs that are supposed to mimic the appearance of tattoos. I thought the designs were very pretty. Also, the colour of the romper I was wearing matched my suitcase (at the background of the photo of T above)!

When we reached Seoul Station, we decided it would be faster to take a cab to Wangsimni Station, as opposed to taking the subway. The people at the cab stand, who would help put our luggages into the cab (I don't know if there's a proper name for them), were super nice and courteous. 

After a very long cab journey, we finally reached our destination. The hotel staff upgraded us to a suite at no extra cost after I expressed my displeasure at the deluxe room we had initially booked. It had an open-shower concept where the only thing separating the shower and the bedroom was transparent glass! There isn't even a door. 

Before we came to Korea, I kept stressing to T that we had to voice out if we were unsatisfied with the hotel room, as did a few other people when I read their reviews on-line. So we did, or at least I did anyway. Tsk tsk.

The suite was homely and spacious, with a separate living area. The bathroom, where the toilet and shower were concealed by opaque glass (that's the wayyy), had a jacuzzi opposite the sink! 

Here's the living area and the bed
After unpacking a few things from our luggage, we took the subway to Dongdaemun where we had dinner at a food court, hoping to eat some Korean food. I was surprised because the people who cleared the tables were young men, whereas in Singapore, we have people who are much older doing the job. They also have a machine that dispenses water for free in paper cups!

After dinner, T and I wandered around the streets and into some malls. It was then that I realized we could not really buy clothes because they were selling autumn/winter clothing at that time of the year. 

Another thing that surprised me on this trip: most people working in malls, shops and eateries usually could speak Chinese. I think some of them are actually from China!

Streets of Dongdaemun
Polaroid of the day!

That's it for Day One! I was going to blog about this whole trip in a single post but I realied it would take forevaaa. Keep a look out for Day Two!

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