Getting Bangs 101 | Some tips on getting a potentially "life-changing" haircut

For several months, I had wanted to get bangs but never found the courage to actually do it. It's quite a commitment! I used to have side-swept fringe and it took painfully long to grow them out. But I persevered and eventually achieved the no-fringe hair. I had that hair for over a year. The thought of getting bangs can be daunting, especially if you've been "fringe-less" for a long time.  

But recently, a lot of people had bangs suddenly and that made me want it too. While I feared I wouldn't look good in it, part of me did think I could pull it off because I have quite a high forehead. That part just needed a little more encouragement to outweigh the fear. 

So, during my 3D2N stay-over at T's house in the first week of March, he gave me the push that I needed and I got my hair cut at a salon near his house. I was very specific about the type of bangs I wanted so I explained a lot and showed the hair stylist lots of photos; some showed the kind of bangs I wanted while others showed the kind I didn't want. We've all had bad haircuts before so I think it's very important to be as specific as you can about the hair you hope to walk out of the salon with!

That was how I looked like that very day. I thought I looked like a kid and I hated it! I guess it's partly because I had very minimal make-up on (only slapped on some foundation and drew my eyebrows) and I tucked my hair behind my ears so I looked very young. Good thing was, the bangs didn't look freshly cut (or so I've been told).

This was taken a few days later before I went to my cousin's wedding. Much better with eye make-up! I had grown to really like how I look with bangs, but I wished they were a tad longer. 

...and this is me last week! Bangs grow really fast, don't they? It looks much better now that it rests just right above my eyes. I think I'll keep getting them cut until I become bored of my hair, which I don't think will happen any time soon. Right now, I do like it very much!

Here are some tips for you if, like me a month ago, you have a hairstyle you want but you're too afraid of how it'll turn out!

  1. Always ask yourself: "Will I look good with this hairstyle?" Consider your face shape and features. Be sure of yourself if you think you will! 
  2. Ask for opinions and take them thoughtfully, but lightly. Ultimately, it's your hair; not theirs. 
  3. Do A LOT of research. What face shape does this hairstyle suit? What features will this hairstyle emphasize? Will it make you look older or younger?
  4. Prepare your materials! Save photos of the hairstyle in your phone; list down what you want or don't want. This is very important because you need to be able to explain your dream hairstyle clearly to the hairstylist. Do not be afraid to speak up. 
  5. Give it time. Freshly-cut hair will never look as good as they will in one or two weeks!

That's it! I hope you feel encouraged to try that hairstyle you've always wanted. ;) Remember, hair will always grow!


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