2 October | Korea Trip Day Two


Vainpot playing with my camera

On the second day of our trip, T and I spent our afternoon at Itaewon, which is famous for its diverse food culture. It's also a place where foreigners in Seoul commonly reside in. We settled our lunch at Timo Restaurant & Bar; a pretty and cozy place. When we flipped open the menu, T was more attracted to the promotion for some of the lunch combos. Problem was, that was the only page in the menu without English translation. After a few minutes of trying to guess what some of the combos were (by matching the Korean words to the other pages with English HAHA), we called for the staff who kindly explained to us what each combo included as best as he could in English. 

Oh, the woes of staying in a foreign country where only few can speak the language you do.


Specially wore my favourite pair of jeans, knowing I was going to Stylenanda!


We included Hongdae into the list of places to explore mainly because Stylenanda's flagship store was located there. One of the reasons why I wanted to visit Korea was so I could step into this paradise. After years of stalking their on-line store and participating in sprees to order their products (the waiting and delivery to Singapore takes ages), I was finally there in person, testing their make-up and browsing their clothes. I even prepared a list of products I wanted to purchase before coming!

It took awhile for us to find the building because many alleys had the same street name. When we found it, I was super excited! I was even more overwhelmed when I saw the huge pictures of the ever so pretty model of theirs, Park Sora. 

Perhaps I was too hyped up about being in the store, I don't think I actually bought any of the things I listed. Instead, I simply bagged an eyeliner and a pair of false lashes. I may do a review on the eyeliner because it's really good and I'm still using it in my current make-up routine. 

After visiting Stylenanda, we walked around for a bit more, had dinner, called it a day and went back to the hotel because it was late.

Polaroid of the day!

That's it for Day Two! :)


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