4 October | Korea Trip Day Four


T and I visited another tourist destination, COEX Mall, on Day Four. We probably should have done more research before including this place into our list because the mall was actually closed for renovation. Well, it's not exactly closed 'cause we could still go in, but very few shops were opened for business. We had some sandwiches from The Coffee Bean for lunch before walking deeper into the mall, where we found the COEX Aquarium. Since there wasn't really anywhere else to visit there, we made the spontaneous decision to enter. It's very similar to Singapore's S.E.A. Aquarium, just a bit smaller. 

My favourite part of the aquarium has got to be the jellyfishes! 

I think we spent around two hours in there before leaving to get ice-cream at Baskin Robbins. T mentioned something about visiting factory outlets of various brands so we took the subway to the Express Bus Terminal Station where they were supposedly located. Technically, that place wasn't in our list so we had very little information about the area. After a futile attempt at locating the factory outlets, we gave up on the idea and chanced upon a mall. There, we walked around and bought some skincare products from Innisfree.

Sinsa + Apgujeong

The next two places we were supposed to visit were Sinsa and Apgujeong. The stations were just beside each other. We decided to not go to Apgujeong eventually since it was around late afternoon to evening by the time we'd left the mall. So, we took the subway to Sinsa. I recall that the buildings there were very pretty. The shops that lined both sides of the road looked like little white cottages. We must have walked for a very long time because we ended up in Apgujeong anyway!

T and I didn't really eat Korean food for our meals during this trip, except for the street food which we snacked on. It was our last night in Korea so we were determined to eat something Korean-ish. We saw a couple of Korean BBQ restaurants and randomly picked one! Once again, some of the staff who'd serve the customers could speak Chinese so I guess we were lucky! We ordered a plate of beef, pork and this soup that was pretty tasteless till I added a lot of salt. I completely forgot to take photos of the meal. Sigh. After which, we walked back to Sinsa and cabbed to our hotel because we were pretty tired by then.

The seal that I got from COEX Aquarium still lies on my bed to date! 

I took this photo of all the things we bought during our trip so far when we got back to the hotel. While some of them were ours, most were actually gifts for my family and peers. Some were for T's sister too. We really went crazy over the skin care products, or at least I did anyway. I loved shopping for them in Korea because they'd usually give free samples with every purchase. On the last day, we also bought a few more things which I will briefly mention in Day Five's post.

Polaroid of the day!

I know it doesn't sound like we did much during our time in Korea, but honestly, my memory of the days are becoming very vague. I only remember what happened as I typed along, so I left out quite a bit of details. I don't have much photos to jog my memory either. Still, I hope you enjoyed the posts. I'll get a product review up tomorrow and then blog about the last day of Korea soon!


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