3 October | Korea Trip Day Three

Namdaemun Underground Shopping Centre → Myeongdong Shopping Street →  Lotte Departmental Store →  Lotte Young Plaza

On the third day of our Korea Trip, T and I first took the subway to Hoehyeon Station where Namdaemun Underground Shopping Centre was located. I didn't take any photos since it was just a shopping place. I think I bought some things there!

After walking for awhile, we headed to Myeongdong to visit the famous shopping street.

T and I had our lunch at some ramen place. Before we'd left the hotel in the morning, I realized there was another Stylenanda at the Lotte Departmental Store so we made sure to give it a visit. We managed to explore a lot of the shopping street and tried some street food before walking over to the Lotte malls. I bagged a lipgloss and other things at Stylenanda. The departmental store had a link to Lotte Young Plaza, which we visited as well. 

At some point while we were in the plaza, I decided my hair looked very flat so I wanted to pin it. I had brought along some bobby pins in my wallet just in case. So I entered the restroom and my jaw dropped. The interior design was so pretty! It even had a large mirror, table and chair at one corner, which I assumed was for ladies to sit down and fix their make up. I naturally walked over there, took out my wallet and started to pin my hair up. It looked so much better, so I left the toilet happily after stealing one last glance at the interior. 

After walking around for awhile more, we headed to the cinema, wanting to experience how it was like to watch a movie abroad. Unfortunately, there weren't any films that seemed nice showing, so we walked further and discovered a rooftop garden. We sat there on one of the benches, enjoying the view and the decorations they'd put up. It was all very lovely. "Let's take a polaroid!" I suggested. So T whipped out his polaroid camera and we snapped away. I took some photos of us with my camera too. I wanted to put the polaroids in my wallet, as I always did for the past few days. I even brought my favourite ones around in it. 

To our complete horror (the drama...), we couldn't find my wallet anywhere. It wasn't in his bag. It wasn't in mine. It wasn't on the bench, nor did it drop to the floor. After we panicked, I finally remembered that I must have left it in the oh-so-pretty restroom when I pinned my hair. 

Such a long time has passed since I'd left the restroom, so there were little hopes of finding my wallet back. The important things it had was my IC, ez-link card and some cash. But what I wanted the most was the polaroids.

While there are a few photos we/I took during the trip that I didn't post, I don't actually have much photos because I couldn't be bothered to take my camera out of my bag during the trip. What we did make sure though, was that every morning we took at least two polaroids before we headed out, and then during the day whenever we had the chance. I'd kept the ones I liked the most in the wallet! I really regret it now.

...and all this happened because I wanted to sort my hair out. Oh, the price of vanity.

We did everything we could though! We went back to the restroom but it wasn't there; I asked the cleaner auntie; we left our details with the receptionist; we approached the staff and they made a public announcement; we checked the lost and found and left our details once more. I kept telling T, "Koreans are nice people, right? They'll give the wallet to the lost and found." If there's anything I learnt during this trip, it's that Koreans aren't that nice after all. In fact, they are quite rude. Oh, and of course, to not get distracted by amazing interior design. 

I didn't want to leave the place, but T coaxed me into going to have dinner 'cause it was late and then back to hotel because we'd done all that we could anyway.

Polaroid of the day!


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