Product Review & Swatches | Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream in #2 Salmon Beige

Today I will be reviewing the Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream in shade 2 Salmon Beige. They have a few products in this line, including a Salmon Brightening Eye Cream that helps combat dark circles. I bought the eye cream during my trip to Korea last year. 

My dark circles are probably the biggest flaw I have on my face. I have hereditary dark circles and I used to have insomnia. On top of that, my under eye area is a bit hollow, so light tends to cast shadows there. I can't hide natural shadows but using a concealer to cover the dark circles makes me look more awake. If I can only use one make up product for the rest of my life, I'd definitely choose a concealer.

After reading quite a lot of good reviews, I decided to order the Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream online in September 2013. Read on to see if it lives up to its hype!  

Photographed with the Salmon Brightening Eye Cream at the back

I'd accidentally jabbed my finger nail into the concealer when I was using it. The horror...
Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream claims to:

  • cover dark circles flawlessly
  • and brighten and moisturize under-eye area.



The concealer covered some discolouration and veins on my hand!
I think I should have ordered this in the lighter shade. I often underestimate how fair I am (I'm a NC20). This shade actually matches my face pretty well when blended, but I like my under eye concealers to be one shade lighter than my foundation for a brightening effect. This concealer has peach undertones which makes it perfect to counter the bluish tones of dark circles. It's very creamy, moisturizing and can be blended easily. I think it's especially important to set it with a powder because the salmon oil makes your under eye area look too dewy. Packaging-wise, the pot is bulky, unhygienic and inconvenient for travel (it's not glass, if you were wondering). In one of the photos above, you can see that the product doesn't even take up half of the pot. For me, this concealer has enough coverage to mask my dark circles, but since it's not in the shade I'd like it to be, I'm not quite satisfied with the overall look. 

Generally, this concealer can last up to five hours and will not crease if you set it with a powder. I'd recommend it to anyone with light to moderate dark circles, or if you're just looking for something to brighten the under eye area. Make sure to get it in the right shade! I think it's worth giving this a shot because it has the potential to be a great under eye concealer. Some people have even mentioned that this is a dupe for Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer. While this is not my go-to under eye concealer, I still find myself reaching for this when I'm going out nearby or for a short while.

That's it for this review. Let me know your HG under eye concealer in the comments!


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